HELLO STUDENTS,if i took part in azad university and i used my sahmieh ,i woud stady my favorite majore and my education didnt dely for two years.iwqas goingto the dress shop atthat time and trying on the clothes but i wasent buying anything and i say excuse me.i was a noisy person befor in the class and now i am silent.i didnt hope the future before but now i do.i didnt have self-conidence before but i know my self now and i can did my expectiancy. if i went to the class iwouldent get depress.i didnt pass my exams as much as studied but then i undrestood with repeting and practicing a lot i can get successful and i think i must study near the exam. when my ount was sick i dont go to hospital for meet but he after two manth died dear ount excuse me i apologize.i spoke to phone by friends.ount.uncle a lot but now i am not.i didnt help my mother but recently i help my mother in making meal. i was trusting every one befor but now i dont    

+ نوشته شده در  چهارشنبه ۲۵ اسفند۱۳۸۹ساعت 21:11  توسط Hamideh Monadi  | 

Dear classmate,

        My name is Akram Asghari. I have a brother and a sister that I am older than them and my sister has 13 years old and her name is Elham. My brother has 17 years old and his name is Aram. I live in Tehran with my family. I am account freshman  in Alzahra University. My hobbies are listening to music and study novel. 

        I am 19 years old. I accept in Alzahra I was very sad becouse I hate this Alzahra  Unhversity. I like the green colour for this reason I like spring.I was born in bahman month.I am emontial in dispite of this I am seriosly. I am far fron my university. I have close frind who I like her so mutch,her name is Elham.

        I love study socielogy majer but my parents disagree with me but i am regret...

                                           Have a nice holiday dear frinds

+ نوشته شده در  چهارشنبه ۲۵ اسفند۱۳۸۹ساعت 13:49  توسط Akram Asghari  | 

My name is NEGIN MOHAMAD POORY NAIM ,I am 18 years old.

My province is azarbayjane garbi and my citiy is uromia .we are 5 members in our family but now we become 8persons,because both of my sisters married and I have a little niece ,her name is YASNA.i love her very much and every section that I go to uromia I buy her a gift

My major was humanity in high school and my degree in konkor exam was200,and in  English konkor was 1000,now my major in alzahra university is accounting

I love my major very much and I have a good  idea about my university

Now I live in TEHRAN in dormitory.i am not alone here , because I have a aunt in TEHRAN and go to their house every Friday.

I have 2 sisters, both of them are master and clerk .

One of them is engineer and the other is teacher and our grooms are  master too. one of them is engineer and the other is  teacher .

My father is university ckerk and  My mother is housewife .i love them very much and request from GOD to give them  long age.

My interest in sport is football , and when I was 15 years old went to gym and play football and have 2 gold medal in this sport.

I spend my free time by studing and going out whit my friends.

Living in dormitory is hard because communication is difficult when   some people are from different culture .first I cant eat the dormitories food but now I cant eat my mothers food

I love language and can speak a little English,turkey, farsi

+ نوشته شده در  سه شنبه ۲۴ اسفند۱۳۸۹ساعت 15:30  توسط Negin Mohammad-Pour-Naim  | 

We can learn a lot of thing from our past because every thing that happened in the past ,and we do a bad thing that we shouldn’t do it , in the future when the repeat situation happen we don’t do it again , and that happen become a very serious experience to us .

For example, when we don’t study any thing for the exam, we get  a bad mark in this exam  and be very sad and unhappy and depressed ,so we can understand if we don’t study we fail the exam, THIS IS AN EXPERIENCE  

Or when we speak back of some body and in this time that we talk about him\her, she\he arrives and hear every thing ,we become shamed and decide not to speak back of some body, so THIS IS AN EXPERIENCE. 

Or when we lie, after a time we forget what did we say??

So when a person ask us the past question that we lied about it ,  and we say another thing and this person tell us DON’T LIE PLEASE  now it is a time to be sham of your work THIS IS AN EXPERIENCE.

At the end of the text I can say that we can  understand a lot of lessons from past and don’t repeat our defaults again.

 Thanks for reading


+ نوشته شده در  سه شنبه ۲۴ اسفند۱۳۸۹ساعت 15:24  توسط Negin Mohammad-Pour-Naim  | 

 hi my friends   

my name is melika as you know, i am 19 years old. i was born in tehran , i have got ane brother and one syster they are younger than me. my sister is 16 years old, my brother is 9 years old he is so faunny. in high school my major was experimental sciences i like my major so much .i am interested in reading and i writting story in my free time too .my favourite colour is green.

ok happy new year good luck.,   

+ نوشته شده در  سه شنبه ۲۴ اسفند۱۳۸۹ساعت 11:29  توسط Melika Danesh  | 

 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hello

My name is Sara Tahazadeh. I am from a large family(3brothers and 2sisters).My father is a retired teacher and my mother is a house wife.

I am from Piranshahr. It is a market town on the border of Iran and Iraq.the weather of here is very cold in winter and it is hot in summer season. Every year many people come to Piranshahr for shopping and they enjoy it very much.

It is said that I am a talented, patient and kind person. I am interested in reading and sports like swimming,vollyball, gymnastics, and track and field.

In high school my major was experimental sciences and I really liked it. I wished to be a dentist but I was not accepted,because my degree wasnot for it(it was2138).

at first(before i come to tehran)i like tehran,but any one knows that i was

upset when i come to here,i hate of tehran and live  in it.like in tehran and distance from family was very very difficult for me.but im better now.However, now I do my best to be successful in my current major to make my family happy.

I hope See all you in new year




+ نوشته شده در  سه شنبه ۲۴ اسفند۱۳۸۹ساعت 9:25  توسط Sara Tahazadeh  | 

Dear classmates,

      The experiment that taught me something is about entrance examination in last year 10th of January. In first days I studied hard and I got the best marks at high school. I read the lessons every day. I thought that I could solve every questions. In April I didn’t study hard because I thought know all of my lessons. I watched TV, played games, solved tables, etc.

      I think I got tired and I stopped hardworking. But my friend didn’t stop studying and she didn’t sleep at night. So her rank in the entrance examination was 190. She got to whatever she likes. If I study more and if I try the more sure I'm successful because I was really good lesson.

     Then for anything like that I do all my best to don’t regret later. I think that experiments are very valuable and important. Anyone who has had this experience no matter where they fail or win is important that they learn to experience and use them later.


+ نوشته شده در  سه شنبه ۲۴ اسفند۱۳۸۹ساعت 9:19  توسط Elnaz Ebrahimi  | 

Hello classmate,

      I’m Fatemeh Razeghi. I’m 20 years old. I was interested to be an engineer because of this I selected mathematics in high School, but my destiny was accounting, but I’m not only don’t annoy about it‌‌ b‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌ut al‌‌so like this field of university, my teachers and my new friends. I have decided to be the best and make my life as possible as good and to be better everyday than other day.

      I remember the first day that I went to school. Miss Mirzaei was my first teacher in Hekmat School. It was strange sense. I liked  to be an independent girl and did my every work myself.

      I like my life, because until now I have earned every thing with consulting by others. The most important of them was my selected field. I like it, because I know I will have a good future.

Sincerely yours

Fatemeh Razeghi

+ نوشته شده در  دوشنبه ۲۳ اسفند۱۳۸۹ساعت 23:40  توسط Fatima Razeghi  | 


My name is Mahdieh . I am 20 years old. I study in ALZAHRA university in second  term. Mymaigor is Accounting. I am thin and tall with light brown hair. I am interested in sport. I exercise when I was six years old until now. My favorite sport is  Taekwondo but I do every sport! And every day go to gym . I have gotten different medals. On of my hobby is reading different books ,I love history book . I have a lot off books and a big bookstore

I am youngest daughter my family ,I have two sisters and one pretty niece , her name  is Mahsan and her nickname is Mahsani Joon. The older sister is 29 years old and she is married. Another sister is 26 yearsI was born in Tehran and also living in Tehran , my home town is Sharake Gharb

I have two aim in my life until now. The first one turn in to the Taekwondo team .  The second is study very well

I hope I will be offered a good & a well paid job


+ نوشته شده در  دوشنبه ۲۳ اسفند۱۳۸۹ساعت 21:14  توسط Mahdieh Oghbaei  | 

 Dear classmate,                   

      As you know my name is Mitra. I was born in 14th of Februrary in 1991,Tehran. I live with my parents and my little brother .His name is Amirreza and he is 10 years old. He is student.

      I am accountant student in Alzahra University. At first I did not like accounting and my university, too, but now my comment is better, thanks God.                  

      My hobbies are listening to music and studying. I love studying and I spend most of my time with studying my lessons.

     Good luck

+ نوشته شده در  دوشنبه ۲۳ اسفند۱۳۸۹ساعت 18:18  توسط Mitra Faraji  | 

Hi my friends,

     I'm Zahra Islami. I live in Tehran with my family which has four members: my perfect parents and unique brother. He is younger than me about five years .they are so kind and I have good relationship with them.

    I love trying new things such as learning new languages. I will learn Spanish, Franc, German and Chinese in this order in near future. I like to lean some kinds of musical instruments which include: Violin, Piano and Drum kit. I will have a program to have a trip around the world, I guess it would be so exciting.

    I usually try a lot to achieve my targets and in most cases I'm successful. But last time I failed and became too disappointed. I mean KONKOOR which broke me. I wished to be a MECHNICS ENGINEER and now feel really sorry for myself. Now I hate my university and field both, but I have to continue it.

   However, I know that I should be thankful for things which I have in my life. Maybe a bright future is waiting for me...WHO KNOWS?!?!?!?!

+ نوشته شده در  دوشنبه ۲۳ اسفند۱۳۸۹ساعت 18:17  توسط Zahra Islami  | 

Hi My Friends

   My name is Sogand Bakhshaei.I am 20 years old.I live in a family that includes 6 members.My father is a clerk and my mother is a house wife.I have 1 brother and 2 sisters.my brothers name is Soheil.He is 18 years old and studies in university.My elder sister is Mohaddeseh.She is a high school student and the other is Mahshid.She is 2 years old and very cute.

   My province is gilan and my city is talesh.the weather of talesh is humid and it almost rainy.we live near the khazar sea.khazar is a great wide lake that people call it sea.talesh has mountains,wonderful areas and its virgin and intact nature is a charming place for those eager of nature.

   I live in dormitory with 5 roommates.Azam whose major is biotechnology and is from Lahijan.Leila and Sahar who study arabic literature,Roya who studies psychology and Negin......my roommates and i have a weblog with www.khabgahema89.blogfa.com address,Be our guest if you like.

   I like watching sport competitions like football,volleyball and basketball.i study in my free time and i like historical and literary books like Sohrabs,Gheisars and Shariatis books and also i love writing.

+ نوشته شده در  دوشنبه ۲۳ اسفند۱۳۸۹ساعت 16:41  توسط Sogand Bakhshaei  | 

    Dear Classmates,

    I'm Zahra Yavari. I live with my family in our house. I have one sister and two brothers. My sister is a student and my brothers are business man. My sister is 23. one's of my brother is 28 and another one 26 and I'm the youngest child, I'm 19.

     At last year, I had an exam for the University (konkoor) and it was a good year because I try a lot for konkoor. I had very good teachers (Mrs. Shariati, Mrs. Manavi, Mrs. Azimi and Mr. Mohammadi Nejad and...).

     The result of the konkoor was bad for me and I wasn't satisfied. I agree the advice of my friend with English in exam. The last night of konkoor, I understood my language in exam is Russian instead of English. That night was very bad for me. But when I saw my degree, I was very because my degree was 440.

     I love psychology in Beheshti University but I don't like Alzahra because of my degree I can't study psychology.                                             

ادامه مطلب
+ نوشته شده در  دوشنبه ۲۳ اسفند۱۳۸۹ساعت 11:7  توسط Zahra Yavari  | 


       My name is Mahsa Ghadimi. I have 19 years old. We are three people in home. My father, my mother and me so I don't have any brother and sister. I leave with my parents and I love them very much.

       My father has 49 years old and his name is Mohammad but in my father families call him Farhad. He is mechanic and he likes his work.

       My mother has 45 years old and her name is Fariba. She is housewife, but she likes work in out of home.

       I like sport and I play chess professional. I have the first water in bonspiel of chess. I like painting too, because I feel relax by it. I like all of colors.

       I am the freshman of accounting in Alzahra University. I like working in a big bank in future and I try to get to this goal.

       Good luck 

+ نوشته شده در  دوشنبه ۲۳ اسفند۱۳۸۹ساعت 10:50  توسط Mahsa Ghadimi  | 

     In the name of God

       My name is Akram Azizi. I am come from Tehran. I have brown eyes.  And I have black hair. My birth day is 13 september1993. I am 1.66 meters in height. My skin color is brunette. I am skinny. I have three sisters and one brother we like each other.

      My field is accounting. I love it. I always try to use my time well. I like black red white blue colors. I like volleyball a lot and searching in the internet and take information from it. I am happy from other being happy. My favorite actor's is kamran tafti and hamed behdad.

      I believe that life is difficult but we must cope it. Human can improve and achieve the best position. I want to learn something that I love it. I love photography and painting and psychology.I believe that god is too much kind. God always see and control us.

       We reached our goals to join God.  


+ نوشته شده در  دوشنبه ۲۳ اسفند۱۳۸۹ساعت 9:58  توسط Akram Azizi  | 

Dear Classmates,

     My name is Elnaz  Ebrahimi. I like my field because it has good condition to getting job. My field in high school was mathematics. First I like to be an architect and I didn't like accounting; but when I came Alzahra University and know more about accounting, my opinion has change. My cousin's field is accounting and she helps me a lot.

     I was born in monster city-Tehran - . I have two sisters. They are 10 and 9 years old. They are students. I live in nuclear family. My parents are teachers. I don't have any brothers but I like to have one. My handwriting isn't very good, but I design very nice. My mother encouraged me to choose accounting and I thank her for her help.

      My favorite color is light pink. I like swimming, volleyball and ice skating. I like to work in scholarship organization and banks.


+ نوشته شده در  دوشنبه ۲۳ اسفند۱۳۸۹ساعت 9:45  توسط Elnaz Ebrahimi  | 

Dear class,

     In your second post, write a minimum of 150 words about the topic below. The deadline for this task is Monday 15th of Farvardin.

     Most people feel that they have "learned some lessons" in their life. They may have made some mistakes that taught them something. What is one thing you have learned from your past? What would you do differently if you could? Remember to be specific.

Hope to read your writings soon,

+ نوشته شده در  دوشنبه ۲۳ اسفند۱۳۸۹ساعت 9:30  توسط Maryam Asoodar  | 



My name is Roxane I have  a sister I love her.

I want write about myself but I very think that I write about what I write about my ideas , my social life, my family, my likes and dislikes

Because this reason my writing is about every thing that I remember in this time.

I think I was lucky because last year exactly in this time I just read my lessons for  entrance exam but now I can I red my favorites book and listen to music and see films

In addition, do every thing I like.

I like books that about our country and our social I dislike novel because it is not profit just waste your times.

I am desire to know my social because this reason I want to study social major but my mother does not allow me. I think that I study this major for some years later.   

I am quiet but when I feel they oppression me or  play trick on me I'm so angry and try to take my right.

I like outspokenness cause sometimes other people think I'm impolite but really I'mnt .I think it's enough to know me.




+ نوشته شده در  دوشنبه ۲۳ اسفند۱۳۸۹ساعت 9:2  توسط Roxaneh Honarkarfar  | 

                                                  In the name of God


           My name is tayyebe tahanian.Iwas born in 25/12/1370 in Shahrud.I have two sisters and  four brothers.Two of my brothers are married.I'm freshman in accounting field.My major in high school was humanism.I'm from damghan,that is in Semnan province.Distance from tehran up to damghan is five hours.Souvenir our city is pistachio.The weather of damghan is hot and dry and it has many places to see like:tarikh-khane mosque,cheshmeali,tower toghrol,tappehesar...

           Now i live in dormitory.We have 6 member in room.I have good  communication with my room  mates.They are from different cities and we aren't the same field.Living in dormitory is new experience but it isn't easy.Student that live in dormitory learn new things that help them in future.

           In my free time i connect to internet or study book.Subject of books that i study usually are psychology or about beliefs.I love sohrab poems.My favorite sport is tennis.I like paint too.I want my english become better so i deside to go english class.I try more to be succeed in this field.


+ نوشته شده در  یکشنبه ۲۲ اسفند۱۳۸۹ساعت 22:1  توسط Tayyebe Tahanian  | 


My name is atefeshafipoor.Istudid in humen science in highschool.Myparents didnot agree with me about this choices and I passing the konkoor exam my grad was 370 my parents say me you should choos law for university but i didnot like this i choose accounting for major in university.finally I content my parents .

now I study accounting in alzahra university .when I was attention that I accepte in alzahra I was very sad becouse I hate this university.but now I was very happy becouse wedont have son in our university and we can  asking question and getting confrenc very comfortable.

         I have two brothers and  three sisters one of my sister was married we live in a village with my grandparents in a very beutifull garden .finally I like in the feuather iwork in borse or in very big and famose company. finish


+ نوشته شده در  یکشنبه ۲۲ اسفند۱۳۸۹ساعت 20:1  توسط Atefeh ShafiPour  | 


        my name is talie najarzade and i am going to tell you about myself and my personal life.i am a fairly tall and slim(about 168 cm_52 kg),i have white skin,black eyes and long and straight black hair.bet you will fell in love with me in first glance  

       i was born in 21th day of may 1370.i am coming from a crowded family.i have 5 sisters,2 of them are married and others are living with me. i lost my mother last year which was a terrible disaster for us.i really feel that we all are now dependent to each other more than before. 

       i study accounting at alzahra university.i didnot like my major before, but i found it money making so i changed my mind and try to do my best to be the best.i guss that is enough about me.

Happy new year                                         

+ نوشته شده در  یکشنبه ۲۲ اسفند۱۳۸۹ساعت 11:57  توسط Talieh Najarzadeh  | 


Hi friends،

     My name is Zahra Delavari. I was born on January thirty. I am twenty years old.

      I have tow brothers and one sister that they are older than me. I live with my parents and one of my brothers. My father is a teacher and my mother is a housewife.

      I loved medical job but I could not get it. However I don’t loss my hope، although I could not become a doctor, my wife could be a doctor. I was playing basketball in the past and I got a medal. But now I play volleyball. I want to continue my studies to doctoral course, unlike my favorite. I love English Conversation and I hate English grammar. I have many friends and my best friend is God. I   so much my English professor.


                                                                                   .Have a nice holiday every one

+ نوشته شده در  یکشنبه ۲۲ اسفند۱۳۸۹ساعت 11:48  توسط Zahra Delavari  | 

            hello! my name is Tina Aghili!i was born in tehran. i'm an only child and i'm very happy about it because i don't have to share anything with anyone!:D i'm an accounting student at Alzahra university! like most girls in our class i wasn't very happy about my university at first but now i don't hate it as much. i really wanted to go to Shahid Beheshti university but i changed my mind after visiting it a few times and seeing the students and professors!:D i like my major too but i always wanted to study art. i really love jewelry design and jewelry making and i'm  good at it but my parents didn't want me to go to art school.they were probably right because now i can both study accounting and make jewelry 

          my hobbies are playing tennis, skiing and listening to music. i also watch lots of movies.i really want to learn Spanish so i'm considering going to a class. i don't know what else to say

happy new year and have a nice holiday every one!

+ نوشته شده در  شنبه ۲۱ اسفند۱۳۸۹ساعت 23:20  توسط Tina Aghili  | 

      Hello Class,

       My name is Farzaneh Mozafari. I was born in Tehran. I have got two sisters and one brother. I’m last child in my family. I’m studying accounting in Alzahra University. I studied humanism in high school. Before high school I wanted to study mathematics. But my family advised me to go humanism because of accounting. They saied that accounting has a good job. I never think that accounting being so hard. Accounting needs to delicacy.

       My cousin studied in Alzahra University. I always said myself ‘ Oooh why she chooses Alzahra University??!!! ’ I never think that I study in Alzahra University. I always like studying in Shahid Beheshti University. But now my idea about my University change!! Alzahra’s teachers always admire accounting students.

       Now I want to tell you about my hobbies. I use computer a lot, I love playing computer games, I listen to music a lot and I love English but I don’t go English class!!!


+ نوشته شده در  شنبه ۲۱ اسفند۱۳۸۹ساعت 11:48  توسط Farzaneh Mozafari  | 

My name is mahsa ghadimi.I have 19 yaers old and i dont have any brother and sister. 

+ نوشته شده در  شنبه ۲۱ اسفند۱۳۸۹ساعت 10:59  توسط Mahsa Ghadimi  | 

hello.my name is hamideh monadi i born in may.i have two brother.i love english very much.my mather is houswife.her name is zahra.she is 46 yaers old. one of the brathers is ali reza he is fashen.he is 17 years old i love making meal i am well trined in medking meal.i think accounting very difficuly.i love go shapping and shopping..when the konkor result comout i was very happy i sure pass in univercity i love work private office when my father will

reacqusition i go to the work. i love studing but i dont  why ...i was hate from alzahra because when say whit my friend "i pass in univercity alzahra" she nocongratvlate and sad i was very sad .i have two lose friends boss of they studing freem university  on of they her name is narges i love verymuch .i with narges go to cinama fatme is 24 years old .she is work goodbye     

+ نوشته شده در  شنبه ۲۱ اسفند۱۳۸۹ساعت 10:4  توسط Hamideh Monadi  | 

    I'm so satisfied with my destiny and all my life. I don't mean that in my life there wasn't bad things or upsetting events,  may be I'm optimist  person. Any way it's better I go to main topic & speak about myself.

      As I write this writing to my dear classmates, I'm sure you know a little about me; at least I'm sure that you know my name-Mojgan  Kazemi-.I think my writing is awful as my paintings.

     I have nuclear family & I think most of us have. I really love my family specially my parents. My father name's Ali Akbar &my mom's  Aghdas. I have 2 older brother-of course I'm the youngest child. First one is Mohammad who's married recently to Fateme and the second one is Reza. I've just a sister whose name is Nasrin -she was married 9 years ago to Ali and now they have a daughter with the name of Yasaman -she's 7 years old.

      BUT WHAT A BOUT ME? I was born in 1991,in autumn day in 24th of mehr. when I was a child, I liked studying  more & more about different things, also I learned the formula of mathematics  in my oldest brother  's book. Changing puts his legs all over my life, now a days I'm not interested in studying just readying. I was active child that confidently  I was tested different branches such as robotic, basketball, volleyball, different type of art , physics group, etc. Unfortunately I didn't continue these activities.

      I graduated   in mathematics course in high school and now I'm student of Alzahra University in accounting. And a little about my behavior : the most important category about me is that I'm a skillful laugher in every place I go for the first time ,people notice this. I believe it's a kind of ability but most of the time at the class it makes a mistake In fact ة'm impatient as I'm laugher. I really love new thing and new friend.


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Dear classmates

My name is leila moradi.I was born in 6th day of shahrivar in 1371.I have one younger sister.Her name is Sara.She is only eight years old,I love her so much.But as you know like so many sister we are always fighting for crazy subjects. Forget Sara I want to talk about my self. I really love my major because I think I can be successful at it;well probably not.I love my university too.Actually I didn't like it at first but now my idea has changed.When I said to my relatives :((I was accepted at Alzahra University)) they all believed that it's hard to study at this university you know what I mean! Now I believe that Alzahra is a good university and I don't care what they say.My favourite habit is watching football specially BARCLAYS PREMIER LEAGUE.I am fan of MANCHESTER UNITED  and I'm fan of SEPAHAN in Iran.you can't imagine how much I love Manchester United. Ilove most of my classmates but (just most of them)and I think most of them don't like me. Ohh how much I talked, excuse me how much I wrote.Is this enough dear professor? thanks for reading my introduction   

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My name is Maryam mokhtari, am from Iran and am born in Tehran but my parents born in the Ardebil.

I have two brothers, both of my brothers are engineer, my first brother  is fiancé and his wedding  will pay on Friday and am so exciting, my brother s wife is lawyer, my second brother is single.

I am study at Alzahra University; I don’t like my University but I am support itL bucuse I never think that I am come at Alzahra University and study in accounting because I like Beheshti University and I like to be lawyer and when my closer friend ,Pegah,  successes at Beheshti University I was so sad because I like to be with together always  L but today my comment changing and I JUST little like accounting and my University.

I don’t have time to write more, because I am so busy and We have so gust for wedding.



See you

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Dear class, 

In your first post, write a minimum of 150 words and introduce yourself to the rest of the group. the deadline for this task is Monday 23rd of Esfand.


Hope to read about you soon, 


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